Since we were founded in 1974 in Austin, Texas, our goal has remained the same: to make our customers’ lives easier. Today, at more than 500 pawn shops across the U.S., EZPAWN and its affiliated companies help everyday people with options to get quick access to cash by pawning or selling their items of value. We also sell quality, brand-name, pre-owned merchandise.

A family playing video games together.

Our Values

People Matter Most

  • Customer Experience
  • Passionate, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Team Members
  • Community Involvement


We Deliver Solutions For Our Customers

  • Varied Geographies, Delivery Mechanisms, Formats, and Products
  • Always Transparent
  • Digitally Relevant


We Deliver On Our Commitments

  • As a Team
  • With Honesty, Integrity, and Respect
  • We Celebrate Success